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  • From December 19 to 20, Academic Conference of Mechanics of Slender Structure Mass 2016 was Held in our College. The scholars from the United States Maryland University, the United Kingdom Sussex University and other universities attended the conference
  • September 20, 2016, Prof. Hu Xiong was invited to attend "2016 Symposium on Enterprise Logistics Intelligence and Greening Solutions" of China (Shanghai) International Sensor Technology and Application Exhibition and delivered a keynote speech



I am now a junior student. Although it is just a short span of two years, I have experienced many things and benefited a lot. Maybe I am not so good a student. I’m not the first one on study or on ability in my class. But I’ve changed from who just wanted to get the diploma. Sometimes it is wonderful when you have figured out one thing and the direction of your whole life will be changed.


Shanghai Maritime University Practice Base by SAIC Motor New Harbor Engine Factory

The major of Industrial Engineering has cooperated with SAIC Motor Corporation, Ltd.(SAIC Motor) at the time when it was set up. In the beginning, Sunwin Bus Corporation has signed a five-year practice agreement with our school as our off-campus practice base. In 2006, SAIC established its self-owned brand project office in Jinqiao. Our 2006’s students have taken part in the designing for engine assembly line and material warehouse. In 2007, SAIC Motor set up an engine assembly factory for its self-owned brand: Xingfu Motor in Baoshan.


SMU-Port and Marine Equipment Off-campus Practice Base

“SMU-Port and Marine Equipment Off-campus Practice Base” was established by our university and Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Co., Ltd and it has been Shanghai high school exemplary practice base. Located in Block A, Floor 14 of head office of Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Co., Ltd (Dongfang Road 3261, Pudong District, Shanghai), it consists of one resident office, one student classroom and one teacher office, which can accommodate 43 office staffs, students and teachers at the same time.


Master Degree Program for Electrical Engineering

The authorization of master's degree in this specialty was gained in 1987. Through more than 10 years set up by Shanghai Education Commission Key Discipline Projects on Power Electronic and Electric Drives, it established a good development condition. Now the specialty has putting up a new Key Discipline Project supported by Shanghai Education Commission. There is a Research Institute of Electric Drives and Control Systems with 8 professors, 10 associate professors and 1 invited professor.


Sun Tingyan

My name is Sun Tingyan and I am in mechanical 102 class. In the academic year of 2012 , I have obtained professional Principal scholarships.


Liu Chaolian

I am Liu Chaolian from class 102.In the 2011 school year ,I have obtained professional special scholarship and become one of the excellent students.The acquisition not only owns to efforts, but is also inseparable from the teachers’  teaching and students’ help .At the same time, I also participated in a number of test.I have enrolled in the country occupation Chinese level test, gained intermediate certificate.And also in the English interpretation test, has passed the written part of the examination.In the after-school life, I have actively participated in the volunteer activities.In 2012


Yang Hongxia

Yang Hongxia,comes from Logistics Engineering College of electrical system and control class 102. I am optimistic and aggressive.I have the courage to meet new challenges and believe that it will have a wonderful time if there is competition.I am a outgoing and shy girl, sometimes lively, sometimes boring, and I like to make friends with all ages.Besides, I like sports and like a lot.For example, I like playing table tennis, reading a book, listening to music and so on.


Xiao Shuo

Xiao Shuo, a Automation major of Logistics Engineering College and probationary member of the Communist Party, is an outgoing, helpful, love sports student.  He is careful and responsible at work and hard and diligent in study.
He won the Excellent Student prize and the On-campus First-class Scholarship in 2010-2011 school year.


Wu Xinyang

 I’m a probationary member of the Communist Party of China from the Logistics Engineering College. My major is the electrical engineering and automation.


Ling Rui

I am one of the probationary party member, I learn in electrical class 101 of logistics engineering institute. I am goodhearted, treat things serious, responsible, study hard, sincerely, and good at communication.

In the 2010-2011 school year ,I won the scholarship.



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